Food Bowl to Asia – The Northern Agenda: David Twine – First Guardian Agriculture (FG Agri)

While government and industry bodies in Australia are committed to growing the agribusiness sector nationally, development of the sector in northern Australia is high on the agenda. This aims to develop a food bowl that could double Australia’s agricultural output.
The north enjoys significant natural advantages in agriculture, especially the beef segment, which are under potential. The promise in agriculture is obvious but particularly across the north where more than 60 per cent of Australia’s rain falls, but very little is captured and utilised strategically or productively. The CSIRO has found that up to 17 million hectares across the north are potentially suitable for agriculture because of the region’s arable soil.
The development of a northern food bowl with an emphasis on premium quality is poised to help Australia double the number of people we feed globally from 60 million to 120 million.
The north also has important geographic advantages to exploit thanks to its position in the tropical region, which today accounts for more than 40 per cent of the world’s population. In previous debates about the potential for a northern Australian food bowl, the key missing ingredient was the presence of a huge developing market on our door step. This is no longer the case.
The percentage of the world’s middle class in our Asia-Pacific region – effectively wrapping around Australia in a crescent of prosperity to our north and east – is expected to explode from 28 per cent to 66 per cent by 2030, or more than three billion people. These regions in general have a burgeoning need for increased protein content in their diets.
This will be the century of food security.
It follows that northern Australia is now seeing robust growth in the demand for additional high-quality agri-sector production capacity at the farm level, as well as associated infrastructure and services, research and expertise tailored for a tropical climate.
To capitalise on emerging markets to our north with its rapidly growing middle class – and high-end consumers – with increasingly discerning tastes and expectations of security, safety, traceability and convenience, First Guardian Agriculture (FG Agri) is continuing to focus at the quality end of the market. FG Agri equals quality, substance, sustainability and ethical business.
FG Agri is actively engaged across northern Australia, acutely focused on capturing and structuring high-quality integrated investment offerings in Australian beef production properties, enabling the production and export of high quality free-range beef, from Australia’s northern grasslands. This provides a food security and food safety solution, with extremely low sovereign risk, sourced from a world renowned environment of uncontaminated natural resources on the edge of some of the world’s most dynamic, and fastest growing high growth markets.

Indonesia Mining Update – Ozmine Jakarta – David Twine, Austrade (Singapore)

Indonesia Mining Sector Update – Ozmine 2011 – David Twine – Austrade, Singapore


Indonesia Mining Sector Update - David Twine, Austrade Singapore
Indonesia Mining Sector Update – David Twine, Austrade (Singapore)
Ozmine 2011, Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta

First Guardian Agriculture (FG Agri) – David Twine (Executive Chairman)

First Guardian Capital – Agriculture (FG Agri) is a specialist manager of agricultural assets, with expertise in advising and assisting investors unlock the resources and value of Australia’s agricultural sector extending into the value added food and beverage sector. FG Agri is responsible for selecting, purchasing and operating agricultural (and supply chain value-added) assets on behalf of investors. Our capabilities extend to export facilitation, market entry and international trade.

Together with our associates we have operated projects across diverse areas of farmland in Australia, and have advised on and participated in multiple transactions across the beef, sheep, dairy, wine, forestry and grain industries. Commercial transactions our team members have participated in, including acquisitions and exports, exceed $70 billion in value. Our experience spans the full breadth of the agricultural industry.

RedR – David Twine (Australia)

David Twine is a passionate advocate for the role of RedR (as a vital partner of United Nations agencies) providing pro-bono advisory services in strategy, operational effectiveness, training, branding and governance.

RedR Australia relieves suffering in disasters by selecting, training, and providing competent and committed personnel to humanitarian relief agencies worldwide. Underpinned by values of accountability, integrity, empathy and collaboration, RedR provides skilled professionals and training to help communities in times of crisis.  Much of their work involves supporting UN agencies during emergencies through the Standby Partnership Program, as the only Standby Partner in the Southern Hemisphere and Asia Pacific having deployed over 700 people to more than 70 countries.

RedR Australia has a thorough recruitment process for those wishing to join the Register, ensuring they select the most suitable people for the UN and other partner agencies.

I strongly recommend experienced professionals to contact RedR and explore how they can make a personal contribution which will be both valuable in terms of humanitarian assistance as well as personally enriching and rewarding.


“Australia Unlimited” Brand Australia Launch – KL, Malaysia: David Twine, Austrade

“Australia Unlimited” – Brand Australia Launch – Malaysia 2010

David Twine – Austrade – Speech for Brand Australia Launch Malaysia – 221010.doc

Brand Australia Launch - Malaysia - David Twine - Austrade - Kuala Lumpur

Brand Australia Launch – Malaysia – David Twine – Austrade – Kuala Lumpur




ASEAN-India Business Roundtable – Singapore June 2010: David Twine, Austrade

AMP-Austrade Business Roundtable, Craig Dunn (AMP) and David Twine (Austrade) - The President's Room, Singapore

AMP-Austrade Business Roundtable, Craig Dunn (AMP) and David Twine (Austrade) – The President’s Room, The Amercian Club, Singapore

Asia Literacy Ambassador – David Twine (Austrade)

Asia Education Foundation (AEF) is a joint activity with Asialink to promote Asian literacy within Australian schools. AEF strives for Asian literacy not only in language, but knowledge in geography, history, literature, mathematics, science and culture. Together with Asialink, AEF offers a multitude of programs for educators and principals to travel to the Asia, thereby expanding their knowledge in the region.

A major initiative of AEF is the Asia Literacy Ambassadors program, which partners professional business leaders with Australia’s education network especially at the secondary level. By sharing their stories, these skilled professionals educate students about the larger scope of employment opportunities available to Asia engaged individuals. I am delighted to be a part of this program and recommend others who have relevant Asian experience and credentials to consider making a personal contribution to enhancing Australia’s engagement with Asia in the spirit of the broader theme of Australia in the Asian Century.


David Twine, Aust Ambassador Profile, Asialink and AEF

David Twine, Aust Ambassador Profile, Asialink and AEF




APEC Singapore – Investor Roundtable: David Twine, Austrade Singapore

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Minister Simon Crean - Investor Roundtable with David Twine Austrade and Kirsten Sayers Austrade - Four Seasons Singapore

Minister Simon Crean – Investor Roundtable with David Twine Austrade and Kirsten Sayers Austrade – Four Seasons Singapore

The ASEAN Platinum Series – Investor Briefings: David Twine, Austrade (formerly)

Platinum Club Investment Dinner Series-Singapore-Indonesia-Malaysia-2010-David Twine-Austrade

Platinum Investor Series – Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, 2010: David Twine